Tuesday, January 1, 2013

Fix your Face: e.l.f. Makeup Brushes (and a sweet deal)

From today until Jan. 7, you can get the 11-piece Studio Brush Collection for $2.13 with a $20.13 purchase from e.l.f. using the code BRUSH2013. That's cheaper than the regular cost of just one of these brushes alone. The regular price of the set is $30 (basically, you get one brush and the case free, normally).
Here are some things I have recommended in the past that you buy (or don't buy) from e.l.f. to get you to that $21 threshold.

And another list of the goods and the bads (not half price anymore).

It'll be worth it, because those brushes are damned good. Soft, thick, just wonderful. They also come in a nice case for travel that is big enough to also hold other brushes and eyeliners, etc. Here is what I think of each brush in the set, and what I use them for (often not what they're designed for).
  • Eyeshadow 'C' Brush: I use this to apply lighter shades to my lid and browbone. Anywhere I need to cover a wider area.
  • Complexion Brush: This is the perfect blush brush. It's big and fluffy, so you get a natural application. Make sure to use a light touch and tap off excess powder before you apply, because the thick bristles will pick up a lot of color.
  • Small Smudge Brush: This is what I use to fill in my eyebrows with NYX Eyebrow Cake Powder in Auburn/Red. It's ideal if you like a more natural shape with rounded edges. If you like a more dramatic eyebrow with sharp corners, the Small Angled Brush below might work better for you.
  • Small Angled Brush: This is one whose perfect use I haven't discovered yet, though I think it would work well for applying gel eyeliner or eyebrow powder.
  • Small Precision Brush: This brush is exactly what you need if you have problems applying eyeliner pencil neatly. You can just draw a messy, uneven line and then use this tiny, stiff brush to smooth out the edges and blend it toward your lashline. You can't fucking lose.
  • Fan Brush: Okay, I'm still working on this one too. I guess you're supposed to use it to dust away particles on eye makeup that have fallen on to your cheeks. I usually just use a sponge or my big fluffy powder brush (not from e.l.f.) to do that. Other ideas, anyone?
  • Flat Top Powder Brush: This is a really lovely quality brush. It's so dense and soft that it almost feels like a powder puff. I haven't used it much yet, since I have an old brush that I prefer for applying pressed powder. This is supposed to be great for getting your foundation blended smoothly (explanation here from Makeup Withdrawal).
  • Angled Foundation Brush: I don't wear foundation very often, but this seems to do the trick for applying it.
  • Concealer Brush: I don't use this one too often yet, since I already have an under-eye concealer brush, but this will make a good replacement some day.
  • Blush Brush: Personally, I think this is too small for blush, but it's perfect for contouring. I use Wet N Wild Color Icon Bronzer Pressed Powder in Goddess, which is a good matte contouring powder for pale skin. You might still be able to get it on clearance at CVS (link above only for informational purposes - you should not have to pay $7 for that shit!).
  • Contouring Brush: Nice, multipurpose eyeshadow brush.
Another good e.l.f. brush not listed above:
  • Studio Retractable Lip Brush: It's a pointy brush with a fine tip that is ideal for lining lips. And the retractable mechanism is just fun: you put the lid on the other end and it lengthens the handle and pushes the brush out. Plus it keeps the brush from attracting lint. And cat hair. Ahem.
So there you go. These are phenomenal brushes for beginners or the makeup obsessed alike. Get them while they're cheap (if you wait a while, they will be on sale again. Maybe not this cheap, though.)

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