Thursday, July 19, 2012

Your Claws: A $2 Flakie!

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I recently got a sizable order from e.l.f., and one of the best things in it was a nail polish called “Fairy Dust”. Now, I don’t know if there is anyone else left out there like me, who looks longingly at Essie Shine of the Times periodically, but is always too fucking cheap to buy it. But if there is, our cheapness has finally paid off!

e.l.f. now has a beautiful flakie for just $2. It’s great. It has the usual red-orange-gold-green shift of colors. Here are some swatches, with only 1 coat of Fairy Dust over a few colors:

There is one negative. This stuff smells pretty bad, even after it’s dry. I’d recommend a thick topcoat.

In general, I really like e.l.f.’s nail polishes. They’re easy to apply, really pigmented, and 3-free. Here are the other three I got in this order. From left to right: Metal Madness, Mint Cream, and Copper.

The photo doesn’t do justice to just how cool Metal Madness really is. The glittery flecks in it are holographic, so it sparkles in all sorts of colors. I also really love the other two. Copper is perfect - just like a new penny. It’s a shade I have been looking for for a while now.

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