Monday, July 23, 2012

Review: Bic Soleil Savvy Disposable Razors (from BuzzAgent)

So BzzAgent is this program where you sign up, fill out a bunch of surveys, and eventually they send you sample products to review. They say review, but they really seem to want you to promote them. They send you coupons to give your friends, which is cool, but they also want you to post on Facebook about how awesome the product is, etc., and that’s not really my style. Because they insist that what they really want is honesty, so I will happily give a review of the razors they sent me. If that’s not sufficient for them to send me more stuff in the future, so be it!

These are triple blade razors that are somewhere between a disposable and a replaceable cartridge shaver. They claim in the marketing materials that this is a cheaper alternative to the usual cartridges, and boast, “Refills NOT sold separately!” Okay? Is that a good thing? I don’t really see this as an alternative to replaceable cartridge shavers, but to other disposables. Sure it’s cheaper, but when you run out of blades, you have to chuck the whole thing and buy a new handle and everything. That’s less wasteful than entirely disposable razors, but more wasteful than just replacing the head. Better would be to make a cheap razor AND sell the replacements separately. I’m not sure how not doing that is supposed to be a selling point. Anyway, I do consider this as a better option than the regular disposable Bic Soleil in terms of waste for roughly the same price.

They work about the same as the regular Bic Soleil too, which is a product I like. I used them to shave my legs with just shaving oil (One Planet brand, which I got at RiteAid a couple of years ago, but might be off the market now), and got a nice smooth shave with no nicks or ingrown hairs. That’s all I ask. The handle was easy to grip even with a little oil on my hands. Overall, I have no complaints, and I’d recommend these.

DISCLAIMER: If you did not notice above, I got this product free from BzzAgent.

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