Thursday, June 27, 2013

Are you getting enough protection from your spray-on sunscreen?

boopmynose asked:
Thinking out loud here - I'm curious as to spray on sunscreens and their effectivness. I usually keep a range of sunscreens on hand year round (I come from a moley family) and when I'm running errands I lean towards the sprays. I walk/use buses so its easy for me to just spray myself down till I look like a basted turkey fairly quickly instead of worrying about lotions.

Wonder if the measurements equal the same, like I was just spraying into a teaspoon size. Or if more is required. Guess I know what I'm looking up online later today.

I looked it up too. I found two interesting and thorough sources of information, one from The Beauty Brains and one from FutureDerm. The second one shows you how much sunscreen spray you have to use to get the right SPF. It's a lot. A LOT A LOT. I have used those aerosol cans in the past, because they are really convenient, and I was spraying them in the ineffective way they talk about at the link. A can only lasted about a week with daily use. If you have to buy 2 or more cans a week when you're using it properly . . . that shit's expensive! I'm thinking maybe not worth the added convenience. Maybe it's best for a touch-up application, since you're supposed to reapply chemical sunscreens after a few hours in the sun. (Here is a previous post on how much sunscreen it takes to protect your face, and another on how often you need to apply, etc.)

So . . . shit, I guess.

(I realize that the sunscreen I recommend is a spray formula, but that's really just because it's a convenient mode of dispensing a liquid. Since I only use it on my face, I just apply it like regular sunscreen: a few squirts in the palm of my hand, and rubbed over my skin. If you are spraying it directly on your body, you're going to have to follow similar principles to the ones at the link above.)

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  1. Omg this is why I love you.
    I was figuring something like this would be the outcome lol

    I only buy them on sale/coupons (rn I have 2 110 Spf bogof I paid $5 total) because yeeeaah they can be pricey as hell. And yes you do look like you dipped yourself in crisco, but at least my overzealous paranoia at "I have a feling I should be spraying A LOT OF THIS" was the more correct assumption.

    As an everyday sunscreen noooo not what I use but so far my errand running touchups it seems to be working. And omg I would never be at the beach/outside in the wind just LA DI DA spraying this near ppl that's seems like an asshole move


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