Thursday, June 27, 2013

3 Lies the Natural Product Industry is Feeding You (and the Underlying Truth) (from FutureDerm)

There's important info here. For example:

If a database says an ingredient is toxic, it is. 
TRUTH: Not all studies claiming an ingredient is “toxic” are relevant to skin care, hair care, or cosmetics. 


  1. One of the most important thing about this issue ws actually mentioned in the comments, not the actual post:

    "One thing I hope you would have mentioned is that the word “natural” is not regulated by the FDA. Anything can call itself natural."

    There is little to no regulation on what products are allowed to put "natural" on their products. What does "natural" mean? Grown without pesticides? Processed in a certain way? Does the product contain 0.01% natural ingredients? 99%? Tags like "organic" and "natural" on products have come to mean next to nothing to me because they're so ambiguous.

    1. Yes, that is really important! Even if something being natural made it better (which it doesn't), there is no consistency to what can be labeled that way. Same with organic - the rules for food don't apply to cosmetics. They're just empty words that make things look fancy.


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