Saturday, April 27, 2013

How to figure out how much sunscreen you need to put on your face using MATH (from FutureDerm)

Ugh, math. This tells you how much you have to use to get the actual SPF on the packaging. Okay, I'm not going to measure and calculate it for my face. I'm going to guess that most people's faces are roughly the same size. You need to use quite a bit! This is why you should buy a sunscreen that is not too expensive and that feels good on your face, otherwise you are not going to get the protection you need.

What's your favorite sunscreen?


  1. Now I have MATH on my side and can laugh in the faces of all the "you don't need that much sunscreen, Madeline, you only need a dime-sized amount" nay-sayers.

    1. MATH: Is there anything it can't do? (Too bad I can't do it.)


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