Wednesday, May 24, 2017

Deals and funny stuff

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It's a gloomy day here, so I thought I'd post some pleasant shit. First, here are some interesting sales/deals I've come across:

Juvia's Place will be back on Hautelook at 1 pm PST today. Good timing, since I just reviewed their Nubian palette last week.

I just bought two Stila eyeshadows singles from Hollar for $3 each, and they're great. I bought Diamond Lil and Golightly. (New customers also get $2 off a $10 order if you use my link, plus they usually try to tempt you to check out with other discounts on the site.) They have a bunch of other Stila deals plus some Urban Decay liquid liners on Hollar, in addition to the usual drugstore stuff. Plus there are always OPI, Essie, and China Glaze nail polishes for around $3.

Sephora has added new stuff to their sale section, including several things from the EsteƩ Edit. (I wonder if that line is being discontinued? It didn't seem to really take off.)

The Target April and May Beauty Boxes are still available.

Now for the beauty-themed funny:

Clickhole's article "Fascinating Social Experiment: These Millions Of Women Tried Cheap Drugstore Makeup For Their Entire Lives," seems to be making fun of this ridiculous Buzzfeed article from last year that I blissfully managed to miss.

I am also totally on board with this mockery of fucking Glossier.

If you've come across anything else cheap or hilarious this week, please share with the class!


  1. That the Target April box is still available is pretty funny in and of itself. It would appear that I wasn't the only person who was underwhelmed by it.

    1. Ha, no kidding! Though the May box was decent--either the price was too high or they must have overestimated the demand for it.


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