Tuesday, November 8, 2016

Fall empties

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I haven't done an empties post in a while, partly because when I moved in the summer I didn't have time, and I was not about to pack up my garbage and move it to my new apartment. So here are the things I've finished this fall. I know fall isn't over yet, but I'm not really on the verge of emptying anything else at the moment, so what better time than now? There's not much here! Actually, I did finish quite a bit of body wash and shampoo/conditioner, but I didn't bother to save the bottles. I'll just say a little about each product and whether or not I liked it.

Paula's Choice Hydralight Cleanser: In general, Paula's Choice cleansers are good, but not really anything special. I've been using them because I wrote a review of a bunch of Paula's Choice products a couple of years ago, and people are still clicking my referral link in it (thanks!). I think their cleansers are overpriced, and if I didn't have credits, I would go with something cheaper. Anyway, this cleanser has been discontinued, so no need to go into detail.

Paula's Choice Moisture Boost Cleanser: See all of the above (including that it's been discontinued).

Laneige Water Sleeping Mask (mini): I think I got this in a Target beauty box, and there was a lot of product in it. I didn't really like it (just reviewed it here). I wouldn't buy the full size.

Simple Ultra Light Gel Moisturizer: This was a good time to finish this bottle, since it works much better for me in summer than in winter (see my review here). Although, I'm not 100% sure it's completely empty. The packaging, with a pump, is annoying, because it feels like there's still product in the upper half (from the weight), but it's stopped dispensing, and there's no way to open it to see if anything is left. I wish it were in a tube. I'll have to think carefully about buying it again for that reason.

Stella by Stella McCartney EDP (sample): I rarely finish perfume samples, but when they have a spray nozzle, they go more quickly. I really dislike dealing with tiny vials with stoppers. This stuff smelled nice, but not interesting enough that I would buy it. (I am not good at describing fragrances so I won't embarrass us both by trying.) It's supposed to be a "homage to English rose," so there you go.

Pur Minerals Impact+ Mascara (mini): I don't really have anything interesting to say about this, good or bad. It was fine. I wouldn't buy it, but I think it's been discontinued anyway. I think this mini tube had a different brush than the full size, which makes not a very helpful sample.

Paula's Choice Hydralight Lotion: Oh look, something else Paula's Choice has discontinued! I've complained about their discontinuing their core products in favor of fancier things before. This moisturizer was my favorite thing to use when my skin was acting up and I just needed to give it a break to calm down. I have another tube, because I bought one when they went on clearance, but I guess when that's gone I'll have to figure something else out. Blah.

Batiste Cherry Dry Shampoo: My favorite dry shampoo (reviewed here). I went through these cans so fast, though, and I was feeling cheap, so when I ran out I bought the cheapest Suave Dray Shampoo. I reviewed it a long time ago (though the label is now silver and purple and it's called "Refresh and Revive").

Big Sexy Hair Spray and Play Hairspray (mini): I used this for my wedding, and it did the job.

The last three things aren't empty, but it was their time to go anyway.

Paula's Choice Lip and Body Treatment Balm: I used this for over a year as my bedtime lip balm and really liked how well it worked. The only negatives were the oily smell and the fact that it gets really hard when the weather cools off. But all of a sudden this past spring I started to have a reaction to something. My upper lip would swell and get red and flaky and sore. When I stopped using this balm, I stopped having that reaction. I'm not sure what ingredient did it, because I've used various other products that contain one or more of the same ingredients with no problems. In the year or so before it betrayed me, I only got through half the pot.

Some Ulta blush stick that has been discontinued and the label is worn off: It seems to still be fine, but it's very old, and I've had enough of it.

NYX White Eyeshadow Base: I reviewed this a long time ago, but I think I was too kind. Doesn't intensify shadow, doesn't prevent creasing or fading, and smells like soap. Time to stop keeping it around "just in case." JUST IN CASE WHAT, BITCH?

That's it for this season. Some day I will finish an actual makeup product, maybe.


  1. I need to start asking myself "JUST IN CASE WHAT, BITCH?" whenever I contemplate keeping something I don't wear. I've never once regretted destashing a product.

    I've never tried dry shampoo, but I love that Batiste packaging.

    1. The only things I regret ditching are some sheer red lips products. I ended up not liking the ones I kept, and I now I'm looking for a new one.

      The Batiste can used to be better when it was red cherries instead of pink lips!

  2. I love the Batiste Cherry too! I can't seem to find it in drugstores here, though. I just have to go with the regular Batiste or that XXL Volume one, which I don't love. I always got the best Batiste scents in the UK.

    "JUST IN CASE WHAT, BITCH?" is a very good question to keep in mind when destashing! I should probably tell that to my blue glitter eyeliner...

    1. The cherry one is the only scent I like, so I don't know what I'll do when I move back to Canada!


    I've been thinking about clearing out some makeup that I know I'm never going to use, and now I know what to shout as I do!

  4. FYI, I emailed Paula's Choice about some of the discontinued products, and they said they are re-releasing Moisture Boost One-Step cleanser in spring 2017.

    1. Oh that's great, thanks for letting me know! Do you know if they're bringing anything else back?


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