Tuesday, April 28, 2015

"Makeup Mayhem" on HauteLook this week (50%+ off Tarina Tarantino, Illamasqua, theBalm, LORAC, etc.)

Disclosure: This post contains referral links.
So this week HauteLook is having their big makeup feature. Most things look like they are 50% off or more. We've got BH Cosmetics (meh), Tarina Tarantino (good lipstick, eyeliner, and eyeshadow - avoid the "eye dream hyperlight" for its horrible packaging) - and later this week LORAC (Wednesday), Illamasqua (Thursday), and theBalm (Friday). I've bought all of my theBalm makeup through HauteLook, since it's always been at least 50% off. They tend to have a wide selection including most of their new products. This is also one of the only places Illamasqua is currently sold in North America, unless I am mistaken and they've returned to some other stores recently.

You have to take into account the shipping costs (usually about $6 for beauty stuff) and the long shipping time (2-3 weeks). Obviously your shipping will go farthest if you buy multiple things at once, so if you want to shop more than one brand, it might be worth waiting until they are both available at the same time. Usually each brand stays on the site for about 4 days, but some of the most popular items might sell out.

I don't need anything right now, so I'm not looking too closely. Normally I would be all over this. Think of me if you get something good? I will post reminders about Illamasqua and theBalm, because I am grading this week, and blogging is an excellent form of procrastination.

You need an account to browse HauteLook, so I've included my referral link above, but you are of course not obligated to click it.

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