Sunday, April 13, 2014

Have you ever had a nail polish totally change color in the bottle?

Okay, this is fucking weird. I just pulled out this bottle of Studio M nail polish in Vintage Vamp that I've had for about a year and a half, and it's now a completely different color than when I bought it. It used to be a sort of magenta-purple, very bright, and full of blue shimmer. Look at the swatches here (scroll down).

Now it's a weird almost-salmony pink and the shimmer isn't as noticeable. The shimmer seems to have changed to a sort of neutral pearly color instead of blue.

How it looks now.
What the hell? It's still kind of a cool polish, I guess, but it's not what it was. It's been stored at room temperature in a dark drawer this whole time. I've heard of polishes changing color after many, many years, but it's never happened to me. And I haven't had it that long. Huh.

Here's a comparison with another polish - these two used to be almost exactly the same color:

Studio M Vintage Vamp on the left.


  1. I've never had that happen before - so weird! I guess the "new" color is nice, but I'm a little scared to think of what might have caused it to change...

  2. I just came across this post (obviously) and freaked because I have a bottle of Studio M polish and the same thing happened...some kind of crazy chemical things must be happening with their pigments.


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