Tuesday, August 20, 2013

This is What Douchey Dudes Think No Makeup Looks Like (from Maskcara)

Like this sad fool:

Here's what he wants you to look like, but without doing any of this stuff:

(Also, remember that time Jennifer Lawrence wore "barely any makeup"?)


  1. ughhhhhhhh.

    Doing "natural" makeup is much more difficult and time-consuming than doing dramatic makeup. All of these boys that claim to not like girls who wear makeup need to join Patti "men don't like red lipstick" Stenger on a remote deserted island with not internet access.

    Not to mention, every time I wear black lipstick, I literally have to beat men back with a stick.

    Who know. ;)

    1. YES! When I do natural makeup, it EASILY takes me twice as long as doing a rainbow eye (yes, all 7 colours xD), especially when doing the liner. Even messing up the tiniest bit shows,whereas if you're doing a crazier look, it's easier to hide mistakes by blending into other colours, or using a darker colour to cover the mistake.

      In the vein of trying to achieve a "no makeup" look, I don't really care what people "prefer" I look like. I apply makeup because I find it fun and expressive. To me, putting on makeup is no different than putting on my favourite pants or shirt (though I suppose it's illegal in most places to leave the house without the latter :/)

  2. Forget that shit. I with you guys it takes longer to do the "hardly any make up" look that it does to glam shit up! Oh and Savannah...just hit those guys my way alright? ;)


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