Saturday, May 4, 2013

Exactly how much makeup is required for a celebrity "no makeup" look?

Refinery 29 recently published a story praising Jennifer Lawrence for showing up at a premier wearing "barely any makeup". They claim that she has on her face "just a little mascara and softening lip gloss," that she "gives the heavy eyeliner and thick foundation a rest" here, and that she has a "natural brow".

Wait just a fucking minute. Take another look. What makeup is she actually wearing in that photo?

Well, first of all, she's most definitely wearing foundation. Maybe not "heavy foundation", since she has some freckles showing through, barely, but there's definitely foundation and probably some powder to set it too. Look at how the skin under her eyes is lighter than the rest of her face. That's concealer. She's also wearing at least two shades of eyeshadow (a highlight and a light brown in the crease), and she has white or nude eyeliner on her lower waterline. She also appears to have thin eyeliner on the outer three quarters of her upper eyelid. She is definitely wearing mascara. Her eyebrows have been filled in and probably set with wax or eyebrow gel. She appears to have some blush or contouring powder toward the outer edges of her cheekbones. And I don't think that's lip gloss. It looks more like a neutral lipstick with maybe a touch of gloss on top of it.

If my analysis is correct, she is wearing 13 different makeup products in order to look like she is wearing no makeup. Even if we take the lowest possible conservative estimate, she is wearing at least, at least, 7 products. This is probably still more makeup than your average woman wears on a night out, or even a woman who's pretty into her makeup.

What is she not wearing that you would normally expect from a celebrity's full-makeup look? Well, false lashes, for one. Thick eyeliner. Heavy highlighter and contouring. Blush on the apples of the cheeks. But really everything else is there; it's just subtler than usual.

I'm picking this apart, because I want you to remember that none of these famous people really look like this, so comparing yourself to them is pointless. You can wear a shitload of makeup and look naturally glowing too. Or a slightly larger shitload and look glamorous. Or you can wear literally no makeup and look like a perfectly normal and attractive person, like J.L. here does on her days off.

Also, I fucking hate beauty magazines that try to convince me that someone wearing a full face of professionally applied makeup is only using a little mascara and gloss. Fuck right off with your attempts to make women feel inadequate.


  1. I agree. I guess these articles are aimed at dumbasses that can't pick apart a makeup look. But I don't get the "I'm not wearing makeup makeup look" anyway. If I'm gonna spend time on that shit your gonna tell! Lol love your blog btw! I can finally say fuck in the comments!!!

    1. I don't even think you have to be a dumbass. A glance at a photo like that, and the makeup isn't obvious. And you might assume that magazine writers/editors can tell if someone is wearing makeup or not, and would want to tell you what that makeup is (better to sell it to you). People who don't wear a lot of makeup themselves might just think that those celebrities are actually barefaced, and feel bad about themselves.

      Thanks, and please say fuck all you want!


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