Tuesday, June 11, 2013

Now this is the kind of scathing review I love (from Lipglossiping)

Most of the reviews of the new Rimmel liquid lipsticks (Apocalips in the U.K., Show Off Lip Lacquer in the U.S.) say they have a light fruity scent and aren't drying. So I probably would have tried them, and then, like the Milani lipstick with their 'light fruity scent' that reminds me of fake-watermelon-flavored vomit, I would have hated them. Lipglossiping says: "Smell and taste are so closely linked, that if something smells bad… it often tastes bad too and I just don’t want this genetically-modified Jolly Rancher crap on my lips with its faux fruit salad gooeyness mere centimeters from my nostrils." Be still my fucking heart. Tell me what you really think! Read more about what she hates here.


  1. Lol, she's awesome. I'd have to smell it myself to judge, but I actually like super thick glosses, especially if it's a creme. I find they have better lasting power for me and have much more even coverage. If you have a light creme that's too sheer, you end up with this going on, and the patchiness grosses me out so bad xD I think that's why I never wear nude lips.

    1. I don't mind thick stuff either, so long as it doesn't do that thing where you get weird peaks of it after pressing your lips together. And yeah, the product in your photo does not look right!


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