Wednesday, June 5, 2013

Diptyque is on HauteLook today (those fancy candles, you know?)

You know, the ones you've seen in magazines since you were a teenager and they told you celebrities use them? Those ones? You know. But also perfume and soaps, etc. I mean, I still think the prices are insane, but if you are dying to pretend you are Jennifer Aniston in 1999, this is a way to do it without cutting your hair.

Urban Decay is still there too if you want to grab something. You need an account to browse HauteLook, so here's my invite link.


  1. DIPTYQUE! Yes!!! I was hoping they'd be back on HL now that I am gainfully employed and have some disposable income because perfumes are my weakness.

    1. What are you going to get??

    2. I got the smaller bottle of the Do Son eau de toilette. I have no idea how it smells other than it was listed as tuberose and reviews say it's kind of gardenia-y. This is probably not the best strategy for buying perfume, but I remember people on The Hairpin were raving about Diptyque in a perfume post and I have yet to have been steered wrong by a 'Pinner. Plus the scent notes listed have reacted well with my skin, so it should be ok. I was looking at Oyedo because who doesn't love a fresh citrus scent, but a bunch of reviewers said it smelled like cough syrup. Nooo thank you!


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