Friday, April 5, 2013

Free shipping from EcoTools for all of April

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Any suggestions for what I should get? I kind of want a stippling brush, but I'm not sure any of these qualify. I don't know what else I need. Help!


  1. I looove the bronzer brush - this one:

    as an allover powder brush, so soft! I haven't really liked the other brushes I've tried, but I've only tried a couple.

  2. For their price, EcoTools brushes are pretty great! I find that their face brushes tend to be nicer than their eye brushes. I have the 6 piece eye set which is good and I use regularly, but I find that the bristles aren't as dense as I'd like. I also have some kabuki and blush brushes that I loooove! They're so soft and haven't shed! The retractable kabuki is my personal fave. The only issue I've had is a brush head fell off it's handle once, which was easily fixed with super glue.

    I did not know EcoTools made a stippling brush! If I was in need of another one, I would happily give theirs a go! I hope their fan brush comes back in stock because I will be all over that!

    1. This is really helpful, thank you! I don't think they have a stippling brush. I was looking to see if anything seemed like it would suit that purpose, but I don't think so. What kind of stippling brush do you have? I know e.l.f. has one, but it seems really small. I should just stop buying more foundation products, though, since I always like how my skin looks better without it, anyway.

    2. Their finishing brushes look like they could be stippling brushes, but it's hard to say without seeing them in person. I keep hearing that the e.l.f. one sheds badly and that the bristles are really floppy. The one I have is by real Techniques. I tried using it with foundation once and didn't like how it looked, which was fine since I bought it for cream and liquid blushes and it's a champ at applying those!


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