Thursday, March 14, 2013

The bullshit of color-adjusting cosmetics (again)

I know I've complained about this in the past, but I found a nice article from The Beauty Brains that explains how cosmetics that claim to adjust to the most flattering possible shade for your complexion actually work. Hint: They don't have tiny computers or cameras or brains in them to figure out what will flatter you. Most of the time it's just the moister you are, the darker they get. It's a fun trick, but don't get too excited. It's not really about you.


  1. I'm a bit confused. I think I may have misunderstood the gimmick. Is it that it adjusts to your best shade or that it adjusts to your pH? I always thought the idea was that everyone would have a different shade, which is supposedly exciting. I'm asking only because I'm unsure of which gimmick you're countering. Is it that people think it will be a personal best shade or it interacts with your body?

    1. It may interact with your body and as a result create a slightly different shade on each person. But there's no link between your pH (for example) and the most flattering shade for your complexion. I think the actual trick in most cases is that these products are sheer enough that they look fine on most people (and the natural lip color shows through).

      But I think the link explains that pretty well. They've done the work there - I just wanted to direct people to it.


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