Thursday, July 25, 2013

Stitch Fix update (Or: That's Quite a Markup)

So I was in Nordstrom Rack today, and I came across one of the exact dresses I was sent by Stitch Fix. If you go to this link, it's the patterned hi-lo he dress in the bottom right of the first photo here. It was on sale there for $23 (not on clearance). The tag said that the regular/MSRP is $44.

I'm posting about this for two reasons: (1) in case you like that dress, and want to know where to get it really cheap, and (2) as an example of how high the markup on Stitch Fix items is. I know that they are charging extra for the service they provide, but it's not like $44 is the wholesale price. Brick and mortar stores provide customer service assistance and have other expenses too. And for me, the personal styling wasn't particularly accurate. $44 to $69 is a 59% markup in addition to the markup from whatever they actually paid for the dress wholesale. That seems excessive to me. They were asking $69 a month ago for a dress that is $23 at Nordstrom Rack right now.

I still think there is possibly some value in this service if you have a lot of disposable income and hate the ordeal of shopping for yourself. Otherwise, keep in mind that you can probably easily find clothing from the same brands, and the same styles and quality, elsewhere for much, much less.


  1. Nordstrom Rack is the shit; if you can wade through a lot of "holy shit even at 50% off this purse costs more than a month of groceries" there are some pretty great deals to be had, especially in shoes and cosmetics. I got the UD deluxe eyeshadow palette for a bit under $10 (same as Ulta's online only deal), the UD Ammo palette for $18 (normally $34), two Stila countless color eyeshadows for $9 each (normally $22 & Ulta has them on sale right now for $15), and they always have a ton of recent OPIs - including liquid sands - for $7.50 each. It's awful, though, because I go in because I need new sneakers or something fairly practical and then suddenly I'm rooting through a bin of Smashbox lipsticks...

  2. Yes, it's a wonderful and dangerous place! I managed to avoid the cosmetics this time. I really like the little city-themed Stila palettes they have for $7-8. I have the Vancouver one, because I couldn't resist Canadian-themed makeup. But isn't OPI usually $8? So that's not a great deal. They have another polish for $4 that looks just like China Glaze but under a different name. And they have NYX for its regular price, but that's another source for people who have a hard time finding it.

  3. Oh yeah, I have one of those little Stila travel palettes, too, but I can't remember what city at the moment! I wanted Vancouver (I can't resist northwest-themed makeup), but it wasn't at my store. Anyway, OPIs are now $9.00 in my area so $7.50 is not an insignificant discount for me. And while the Hautelook deal was $6.50, you'd have to buy more than 6 bottles (or other stuff) to offset the shipping costs. I like instant gratification and can't afford more than maybe two OPIs at a time, so there ya go. That other brand with the China Glaze style bottles, Savina, is also pretty good, or at least the couple I impulse-bought are.


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