Friday, July 26, 2013

The Meanest Skincare Advice (from The Toast)

Read it here. For some of it, I was like, "Yes, obviously," and for some of it, I was like, "Really? Citation needed." But in the end I just like it when people rant about beauty shit. Spoiler alert! This is how it ends:
A lot of what we consider to be good skin has nothing to do with actual good skin. Good skin is generally supposed to be clear, even, smooth, all that sort of conventional bullshit. There are elements at play with good skin that have nothing to do with your skin: lighting is a big one (another article on that forthcoming) and hormones are another. I hope I’ve opened your eyes to all the different ways the skin care industry is bullshit and that you still want to be friends. Drink a glass of water now. Bye.

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