Saturday, March 16, 2013

Fix Your Face: My new favorite brow product, Avon Ultra Luxury Brow Liner in Blonde (with photos and a mini tutorial)

Disclosure: This post contains an affiliate link.

My usual favorite brow stuff is the e.l.f. one, but lately I've been feeling lazy, and since using a brow pencil is one step instead of two, I've mostly been using this Avon pencil, with regularly costs $6 (thought Avon has frequent sales).

I haven't used an eyebrow pencil in years, but I don't remember the texture of most of them being like this. It's quite dry and powdery-feeling, rather than creamy. It reminds me of a pastel pencil - kind of chalky. This is actually an ideal texture for doing my brows, because it means that it doesn't glob up in the hairs. It works a lot like a powder, but I think it goes on more evenly, because you don't have to keep adding more to your brush. It's a steady supply.

I suggest a light touch. Use short, brushy strokes. I outline the bottom edge of my eyebrow, then the top edge, and then I fill in the middle with upward strokes. If you want more details on how to fill in your brows, here's a tutorial from The Beauty Department.

That's it, usually, although if I have a little extra time, I'll also clean up the edges with some concealer, like so:
You don't need to be too precise, obviously.
Straightish lines along the top and bottom of your eyebrows. This works best if you use a liquid concealer that isn't too opaque or thick, and a brush. I've found that the NYX concealer that I otherwise wasn't too impressed with works well for this purpose. Adding this step just cleans everything up a little and makes your brows look neater. Then blend it, focusing on the edges furthest from your brows, with your finger.

Here's the before and after, with my nearly invisible natural eyebrow, and my finished and penciled in new-and-improved brow:
I realize that in this photo the concealer is still slightly visible. Trust me when I say that it is not noticeable in person. You can only see it here because it is an extreme closeup taken with the macro setting on my camera. 

So that's my technique with the Avon pencil. The Blonde shade is a nice, neutral taupe that looks natural whether my hair is blonde or red or light brown. It also comes in Light Golden Brown, Dark Brown, and Soft Black. This Avon eyebrow pencil would be an ideal tool if you're just starting to play around with filling in your eyebrows. Just keep it sharpened and use a light touch. I find it easier to use than powders, gels, waxes, or pens. And it's pretty cheap.


  1. I tried to order this pencil last week after remembering your review while making an Avon order, and apparently they're discontinuing it! Too bad my shade was already sold out, I wanted to try it.

    1. I just found that out yesterday when I went to buy a replacement. Noooooooo! I should have bought backups--now I have to find something else I like. They have some on Amazon, but I don't really want to buy from them, because the seller used my photo from this post in their listing without permission.

    2. That's justification enough to not support a seller, I'd say.


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