Friday, March 15, 2013

Fix Your Face Quickie Review: NYX Slim Sparkle Eye Pencil in Bronze Shimmer (with swatches)

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I feel like I have a bunch of NYX products, but that I haven't reviewed many. But then I realized that it's because I feel kind of blah about them. They're not terrible, but not amazing - and usually it's one of those qualities or the other than inspires me to review something. So here is a review of an okay eyeliner, because if you're thinking of buying it, it's probably useful to know that it's okay. This is NYX Slim Sparkle Eye Pencil in Bronze Shimmer, which costs about $3.50, so even for just okay, the price is decent:
Without flash.
With flash.

Okay, so part of the reason that I don't love this is that I don't like glitter in my eyeliner. I find it uncomfortable and scratchy to apply, and I think it looks weird with sparse bits of glitter scattered across my lashline. In the photos, for some reason, you can't see them that well, but there are individual bits of tiny gold glitter in this. You can sort of see them in the photo below. Each sparkle near my lashes is a chunk of glitter.

So why did I buy fucking glitter eyeliner if I don't like glitter eyeliner? Fair question. Because I couldn't tell from the name or packaging that it had glitter in it. "Shimmer" is not glitter. "Sparkle" could be glitter, but not necessarily. I didn't read a review of it before I picked it up in a store, because I am a sad person who doesn't have a smartphone.

The base color is nice and opaque and easy to apply. Not too stiff. It wore quite well over primer (which I always wear, because I have oily eyelids). You'd think that in something like this the glitter would be the first thing to wear away or fall off, right? But weirdly enough, because I didn't wash my face thoroughly enough, when I woke up the next morning the liner was mostly faded, but the glitter was still there, until I took a shower. Strange. But I'm glad it didn't migrate into my eyes.

Anyway, if you go into this knowing it has gold glitter in it, and you like glitter in your eyeliner, and you don't mind a little scratchiness when you put it on, this is a good product. Especially for $3.50. I'm just not really into it.

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