Sunday, January 15, 2017

Sunday Shopping: $7-9 blanket scarves on Amazon, American Apparel going out of business clearance

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These blanket scarves plaid shawls look pretty nice for 9 bucks, right? Or $7 with code 2IH4OTIW. And they have 4.5 stars. I mean, they're acrylic but they're supposedly soft and machine washable, so . . . maybe I am just cold right now.

Any other good deals out there that we should know about?

ETA: I guess American Apparel went bankrupt and will be closing all its stores by April. Yay? That means 40% off everything. Yay!


  1. Whatttt. I knew AA went bankrupt, but I didn't realize they were actually going out of business! I did get an awesome plaid wool jacket from them at a huge discount recently. I was never crazy about the brand, especially after Dov Charney's sleaziness became apparent, but I do think it's great that they didn't use sweatshop labor. And surely no one who came of age in the mid-late 2000s escaped the influence of that trashy hipster disco-pants aesthetic. I think I'll always have a fondness for it.

    1. Also, random question, but what lipstick are you wearing in your avatar photo? It's so pretty.

    2. I hadn't heard anything about AA recently, so I was surprised about all of it. I had some super-comfy yoga pants from there that recently got holes in them, so maybe I will pick up some more on sale.

      The lipstick is Revlon Fire & Ice. (I should wear that one more often.) I thought the colors in that photo matched the overall blog color scheme.


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