Friday, September 23, 2016

TheBalm 40-50% off on HauteLook

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When I want something from TheBalm, I wait for it to reappear on HauteLook, as they do several times a year, rather than trying to take part in their biannual 50% off sales. (Was it the usual clusterfuck last time? I didn't pay attention.) So here you go. They even have that Meet Matte(e) Trimony eyeshadow palette that everyone has been cooing over on sale for half price. If you can wear reddish eyeshadow, go for it (I can't). TheBalm has the worst, most nonsensical puns, but they do make good makeup in my experience. Anything tempting you from this sale?

I am finally getting into the groove of my new job, so I should be able to resume blogging with some kind of regularity. (That may be a total lie. Time will tell.)

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