Tuesday, July 5, 2016

July Target Beauty Box available now ($7)

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There are two options this month,  with 7 items in each one:"Fresh & Fabulous" and "Simply Radiant." Are you going to pick one up this time around? I think if they were $5 I might grab one, but $7 seems a little high for what is included. You do get a full-size NYX lipstick in the first box and a full size Wet N Wild mascara in the second. You can see all the contents of both boxes here as well.


  1. I'm with you on this one. I'm usually all about the beauty boxes but passed on this month's offerings. I do love the Wet and Wild mascara (i believe I got it in a Wal-Mart box once) but I could do without the NYX and repeats from previous target boxes. I figured I might as well just buy the mascara.

    1. Yeah, if you divide the $7 evenly, then you're getting a $3-4 lipstick/mascara for $1, but the rest of the samples aren'y worth that much. And if you don't divide it evenly, then you might as well pay full price for the full size things. I don't think there is as much discount this time as there has been in the past.


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