Tuesday, June 14, 2016

Lipstick Queen is on HauteLook (40-50% off)

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I know I've been posting about HauteLook a lot lately, but they've had some good stuff. It seems like they will go weeks or months with mostly generic crap, and then have a bunch of interesting brands all at once. (OCC is still on the site if you what to go for that too.) Anyway, Lipstick Queen this week. I've only tried Jean Queen and didn't like it, but somehow I am still intrigued, because so many people seem to like their products. Any recommendations from this sale? I will skip the gimmicky color-changing crap, but it's not included in the sale anyway.

(Actually the annoying thing about this sale is that they have all kinds of things included in the promo/header photo that are not actually available in the sale.)


  1. I've been eyeing two of the lipsticks from the Liptropolis line for a while now, so I'm excited to see they're all on sale. However, I haven't tried the other products on there and they don't excite me at all. If you want to try a lipstick from the line I'd suggest something from the Sinner range. Medieval is one of my favorite lipsticks for those days when I'm not wearing make-up but want a little pickmeup, however my lips have lost a lot of pigment over the years and cherry Lipsmackers will probably do the same thing.

    1. Medieval is not part of the Sinner range. I just read that comment and realized it would sound like that, but it's a separate lipstick much like Jean Queen. Scarlet Sinner is the one I own from that range, and I like it and really ought to wear it more often.

    2. Thank you! That's really helpful, because I've been wondering about the Sinner lipsticks. I think I will pass on Medieval, since I already have so many sheer products and I wasn't very impressed by Jean Queen.


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