Tuesday, May 31, 2016

If you're mourning the discontinuation of Revlon's Lip Butters, you can get some of them in the form of Super Lustrous Lipsticks

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Just a quick note about something I came across when I was browsing the Ulta website contemplating whether or not I should buy more Urban Decay Revolution lipsticks (according to the email I got from Ulta this morning, the sale on them ends tomorrow, so I guess I need to decide). I was scrolling through the Revlon Super Lustrous Lipsticks (they are on sale for $4.79 right now, which is why I was looking at them in the first place--most other Revlon products are also on sale), and I saw three "NEW" shades at the end of the list: Berry Smoothie, Pink Truffle, and Peach Parfait. Those were three of the most popular shades of the recently discontinued Lip Butters, so if one of those is your favorite, maybe you don't need to despair. I don't know if the formula is the same, but the Super Lustrous lipsticks that I've tried have been quite comfortable and moisturizing, so it might well be. (You can also still get most of the other shades of the Lip Butters from drugstore.com while they last--if the discontinuation is news to you and you need to stock up.)


  1. I was doing the same exact thing debating on whether or not to get more of the UD Revolution lipsticks. I think only some of the matte ones are left as of right now. I'm curious to see what tomorrow's Beauty Break is and also wonder if the 6-piece mystery bag would still be available along with some other current freebies. I'd really want to maximize this purchase because of the free shipping minimum! I'm thinking about getting Bad Blood and Temper.

    Interesting how Revlon is "re-releasing" Berry Smoothie, Pink Truffle, and Peach Parfait. The Lip Butter forumla is definitely, well, more buttery than the Super Lustrous one. I wonder how they'll translate or if they'll even be remotely similar to the previous incarnation.

    1. I decided against the UD lipsticks. I really love the two I have, but the others I added to my cart aren't as exciting to me. I would just be buying them to buy them, I think.

    2. Plus the beauty break is all sunscreen and self-tanning crap, which I'm not at all interested in.

    3. Yep, I wasn't impressed with today's Beauty Break and couldn't justify spending more. Oh well, I'll save my $50 for something else then!


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