Friday, May 20, 2016

BECCA and NUXE are on HauteLook today, fyi

HauteLook has deals on Becca makeup and Nuxe skincare today, both of which have several things for about 50% off. I've actually never tried anything from Becca. I mostly hear about their highlighters, which are not, of course, included in the sale. But I would like a low maintenance base product and I'm wondering if their Radiant Skin Satin Finish foundation might work for me. Have you tried it? I have also been curious about that cult Nuxe lip balm, but I already have many balms, so I probably shouldn't.

There are still other sales up on the site like Club Clio and Peripera (Korean beauty brands), Origins, and Lord & Berry.

If you're new to HauteLook, it's owned by Nordstrom, and I have placed many orders with them with no problems, other than long waits. You can expect to wait 2-4 weeks to receive your order. Shipping for beauty products is about $6, so fact that into the deal or order more than one product.


  1. The Nuxe balm is pretty nice, and worth it if you can get a good deal. It smells great and is pretty nourishing. And the pot has a TON of product. But i dont really like potted balms

    1. Thanks! I'm curious about it--based on the ingredients it seems like it could go either way. I don't mind pots, at least for things I'm going to use at home. I wouldn't stick on in my purse.


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