Sunday, January 25, 2015

Stitch Fix Update (featuring one of the most WTF garments I've seen in a while)

I wasn't really planning to write another Stitch Fix post, but then they sent me something that I had to take a photo of to show my sister, and I thought maybe other people would find it as perplexing/amusing as we did. So while I was at it, I took photos of the rest of the box too. (You can see my previous posts about Stitch Fix here, which include what I think the value of the service is and who it's best suited to.)

I kept thinking about the perfectly-fitting but defective jeans SF sent me last time. I'd emailed the company that makes them, and they said SF was the only retailer who sold them in tall sizes. I have such a hard time finding flattering, comfortable jeans that are the right length, so I finally caved and ordered another "fix". I added a note specifically requesting another pair of those jeans. Here's what I got this time.

What I kept:

stitch fix review

The coveted jeans from Kensie, which fit just like the last pair, but without lopsided pockets. They are so comfortable that I sometimes forget to change into yoga pants for hours after I get home, which is saying a lot. I do not usually keep my outside clothes on at home. They are also thick and sturdy, so I don;t think they will wear out any time soon. (The whiskering is less conspicuous in person.)

These sage colored/grey-green pants from Level 99 don't look like much on the hanger, but they are shockingly flattering on me - perfect length, nicely cut, straight leg, medium rise. And so soft and comfortable. They are stretchy but they don't bag or get stretched out of shape. They are made out of an apparently magical fibre called tencel (or Lyocell), which I hadn't encountered before. I really thought carefully about whether or not I should keep these, because they cost $80, and they didn't seem like the most versatile thing in the world. I conferred with my sister, though, and she enabled me  - because how often do not-terrible pants come along? They've turned out to be wearable for more occasions than I originally thought, too. I even wore them on a flight. That's a true test of comfort.

What I sent back:

I'll just start with the pièce de résistance.

What even is this?? For some reason, I find this top hilarious. In case it isn't clear, it's like a sweater that I would have picked out at Sears when I was 13 with just the bottom part of a shirt attached to it. It's some kind of Frankenstein garment. I get the concept of those tops that look like sweaters with button up shirts under then, but there isn't an actual shirt, so that you can avoid lumpiness - that's not what this is. This just has the bottom of the shirt. The low v-neck with no collar makes it abundantly clear that there's simply some weird fabric hanging from the bottom. It's confusing and meaningless and ugly. I don't know why they sent me this, but it did provide some entertainment. I think I recoiled the second I pulled it out of the box.

stitch fix review

This cardigan was okay, but I don't really do sequins. I feel like they would be especially annoying to have on your elbows if you wanted to lean on something (bad table manners).

This top seemed to be poorly made. You can see how it's hanging kind of wonky on the hanger - it was like that on me too. The buttons on the sleeves stuck out and it was overall lumpy and awkward. Not worth what they wanted for it.

As usual, Stitch Fix is a bit of a crapshoot. This is the first time I've ever liked two things in my box enough to actually buy them both, and they were both pants. That's some kind of miracle. But then everything else wasn't even close. At least I got some entertainment out of it.

Here's my referral link if you'd like to roll the dice.


  1. yep, finding a pair of flattering AND comfortable pants is not easy. When I found jean that were both of those thing in JC Penny I bought four (I kid you not) pairs. Now if I could find some decent dress pants...

    1. I got a good pair of dress pants from The Limited. I think they are the "exact stretch" skinny ones. I also have a couple of $15 pairs of black "khakis" from Old Navy that look professional enough, and are holding up okay so far. But yeah - it was an annoying quest to find some I didn't hate.

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