Sunday, April 27, 2014

Remember the pretty duochrome LE Maybelline Color Tattoos from last year? They're back. (Well, two of them.)

If you missed out on the pretty Color Tattoos from last year, two of them are back and renamed - and limited edition again - this year. They're in the "Bleached Neons" display. The Dark Side of Beauty has good comparison swatches to confirm that these are definitely the same as last year's.

I do recommend Shimmering Sea, née Seashore Frosts, if you can find it. I actually went on a wild goose chase to find Seashore Frosts last year, and then Harley Quinn saved my life and sent it to me. I hope you have an easier time finding it, if you try. I tried to take a photo of Seashore Frosts on my eyelid, because it looks really pretty and ethereal in person, but unfortunately I couldn't get a decent photo. Sorry. It's subtle, but nice.

(I know this blog has been pretty defunct lately, but I've finished some things up in the real world, and I'm looking forward to getting back to it. It's fun. I have a bunch of shit lined up.)


  1. I have Sunwashed Sky (which is the most undescriptive name) - and I agree, it really is beautiful but does not photograph well!

    1. Just looks shiny. But the duochrome is definitely there in person.


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