Saturday, February 15, 2014

Dupe update

Full-size bottles of Zoya nail polish are probably my favorite things to get in an Ipsy bag. A recently-released $9 nail polish in a $10 subscription (along with 4 other things)? Yes please. And Zoya is one of my favorite nail polish brands. This month, I got my third bottle from Ipsy. Fuck yeah!

Except remember how I recently bought Wet N Wild Bite the Bullet to quench my desire for Zoya Odette? Sure enough, Ipsy sent me a bottle of Odette this month. How could I have known? How could they have known?

Oh well, now I can do the comparison that I couldn't do a month ago. Check them out:

Wet N Wild Bite the Bullet and Zoya Odette.
swatches of Wet N Wild Bite the Bullet and Zoya Odette
Messy swatches of Wet N Wild Bite the Bullet on index and rings fingers,
and Zoya Odette on middle and pinky fingers.
That's two coats of each without topcoat. As you can see, they are really very close. Odette is a bit darker and maybe a touch browner. The formula/application is pretty much identical. The comparison between my index finger and middle finger above is the most accurate, since the flash seems to have washed out my ring finger a bit, for some reason. They're not exact dupes, but I think that if you are interested in one, you'll be happy with the other.

If you're interested in signing up for Ipsy and would like to use my invite link, that would be pretty cool of you. But you're still cool if you don't do it, I promise.


  1. We got the same colour! Good to see it's opaque in 2 coats. The majority of my Zoyas are from beauty boxes and I've had varying luck with opacity. Some only need one coat, some need 4. But the colours are always lovely, so I'm totally willing to work with 3-4 coats. Really loving Odette. Been on a dusty rose/purple kick lately, from lipstick to blush, so this colour is perfect!

    1. It could probably be better with 3 thin coats, but I wasn't being a perfectionist here, obviously. Yeah, I guess Zoya doesn't always have the easiest formula, but it's good enough that the huge range of shades makes up for it in my opinion too. I do love this color! Now I have to decide which one to keep.


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