Sunday, December 15, 2013

Some good clearance nail polish deals at CVS

I picked up Sally Hansen Xtreme wear in Crushed for 74 cents. Or 78 cents. I forget. Less than 80 cents! It's an almost-neon, almost-metallic orange. Really gorgeous. You can google swatches, but all the ones I found were really washed out. ETA: I found a great swatch on Pinterest (I should look there more often.) It's fucking bright. I'd take my own photos, but the lighting is not really sufficient  in my sad little apartment these days. At the CVS I went to, they didn't have any clearance stickers on the Sally Hansen polishes, but this was the only bottle I found that was cheap when I check it on the scanner.

There were 50% off stickers on some of the CoverGirl Outlast polishes (making them about $3), including the gorgeous Out of the Blue. I definitely recommend that one. You can see a swatch of it in this post.

Nouveau Cheap, as usual, has all the info about the drugstore clearance sales if you want to see what else you might find. I also picked up the Revlon Balm Stain in Darling, but didn't take a photo, because it didn't really show up on my lips. Seemed worth a shot for just over $2.

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