Sunday, October 13, 2013

Review and swatches: ULTA Super Shiny Lip Butters in NYC, London, and Milan

I liked the first ULTA lip butter I got so much, that I picked up a couple others on sale a while back. I think ULTA brand makeup is pretty underrated. They makes some really good shit, and it frequently goes on sale for super cheap. There aren't many swatches and reviews available online of these lip butters, so I'd thought I'd post some photos. It's also hard to tell what the colors are going to look like from their website. Hope this helps for these three, at least. I included the one that I swatched previously for comparison.
Swatches of ULTA Super Shiny Lip Butters in  NYC, London, and Milan
In natural light (left to right): ULTA Super Shiny Lip Butters in
NYC, London, and Milan.
All three of these shades are really quite different in terms of finish. Here are some lip photos, beginning with my bare lips for comparison.
Bare lips. (I am jealous of those of you who have a nice,
clean outline to your lips. I obviously do not!)
ULTA Super Shiny Lip Butter in NYC.
ULTA Super Shiny Lip Butter in NYC.
NYC is basically a pink tinted balm. It's really nice, but on my lips, it's not super obvious. I'll probably stick this one in a purse, since it's the kind of thing I can use to add a little color and shine to my lips without needing a mirror for application.
ULTA Super Shiny Lip Butter in London
ULTA Super Shiny Lip Butter in London.
London is a little more opaque and has some golden shimmer in it that also makes it more noticeable on the lips.

ULTA Super Shiny Lip Butter in Milan
ULTA Super Shiny Lip Butter in Milan.
Milan is a lot darker and more pigmented than the others, but still slightly sheer. It's not like an opaque or creamy lipstick. This one (like NYC) has no shimmer. It's really gorgeous. I also like the way it looks if you blot it. The shine goes away and you're left with a nice, natural-looking tint.
ULTA Super Shiny Lip Butter in Milan, blotted
ULTA Super Shiny Lip Butter in Milan, blotted.
These are all really smooth, and they feel really nice on. They are not at all drying, and probably a little moisturizing, in fact. I'm really picky about what I find moisturizing, but if you like lip balms like Fresh Sugar Lip Treatment, this seems comparable to me. They moisturize better than the Revlon version. They also last a reasonable amount of time and wear away evenly.

These are a great option for those of you who wish there were even more shades of the Revlon lip butters available. I don't think these are exact dupes of any of them in shade/finish. Milan might be comparable to Raspberry Pie, judging from photos, but it doesn't look exactly the same to me. NYC seems to be sheerer than any of the lighter pinks from Revlon, which look more creamy. London has a similar finish to Peach Parfait with its shimmer, but the color is totally different.

These are regularly $8 from ULTA, but you can get 3 for $9 right now. You could also check for a later sale, and you will probably be able to get one for around that price on its own, eventually.


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