Thursday, July 18, 2013

Review and swatches: weird and fun e.l.f. Cream Blush in Vixen (and e.l.f. Studio 50% off today and tomorrow)

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e.l.f. Cream Blush in Vixen
e.l.f. Cream Blush in Vixen (it's a handful)
I've been meaning to review this blush for a while now, because it's really nice. Recently I tried a blush color that I'd assumed wouldn't work for me, but did - this is another one in that category. I didn't have any reddish blushes until I bought this one, which is somewhere between red and fuschia. It's matte (no shimmer). Turns out that it's really flattering on me. I have pale, sort of neutral-tone skin. Looks close to my natural flush.
e.l.f. Cream Blush in Vixen
e.l.f. Cream Blush in Vixen (in natural light)
e.l.f. Cream Blush in Vixen
e.l.f. Cream Blush in Vixen (with flash)
This particular shade is out of stock right now, but there are five others available. I wanted to swatch it anyway, in hopes it will come back, because the swatches on the e.l.f. website are always pretty terrible. But if any of the other colors appeal to you (google swatches!), I'd recommend this based just on the formula. It blends really easy using your fingers, and you can get subtle color or build it up for something more noticeable. It wears really well too. No complaints.

Though I don't own it, based on descriptions, it sounds like the Maybelline Dream Bouncy Blush is the same sort of thing as this. It's a really unusual texture. It's like a really dense sponge made entirely of blush, but what you get when you rub your finger on it is more like a powder than a cream. Like a really fine powder. Or a dry stain? I don't even know how to describe it. It's not moist or creamy. You should try it - it's fun. Look, after I've used it many times, there isn't even an impression left by my fingers. It's so weird.

e.l.f. Cream Blush in Vixen

The other weird thing about it is that it comes in a GIANT container. See how it covers most of the palm of my hand in the picture at the top of the post? Usually I don't take packaging photos, but I wanted to show you this. Compare it to the already oversized Maybelline eyeshadow container below.

e.l.f. Cream Blush in Vixen

But when you look at it from the side or the bottom, you realize it's just a huge fucking container with a normal amount of blush in it. I mean, it's still a generously-sized product, but there's a lot of extra plastic there. It takes up space. So just be prepared for that.

e.l.f. Cream Blush in Vixen

The excessive packaging is really my only complaint about this blush. It's easy to use and it's a weird and fun texture. Worth trying, in my opinion. It's usually $6, but today and tomorrow you can get 50% off e.l.f. Studio line products with a $25+ order using code STUDIO50. There are a number of things in that line worth getting. You can also add non-Studio products to get your order up to $25; you just won't get the discount on them. Check out my e.l.f. tag if you want some other ideas (or to see what you should avoid).

Anyone out there have both this and the Maybelline bouncy blush to compare? Am I right about the similarity?


  1. I have the Maybelline Dream Bounce thing and this looks JUST like it! It's a really strange product and honestly not my favorite but it's innovative enough that I'm glad I have it.

    1. Thanks! That's good to know. It's not my very favorite either, but every time I use it, I'm kind of delighted and wish I remembered to use it more often. I've been tempted to gouge a fingernail in there to see what it would be like, but I haven't done it yet.


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