Tuesday, July 23, 2013

Butter London $10 at TJ Maxx (from Nouveau Cheap)

Ooooh. That's pretty good. Look at all the colors.


  1. I'm wondering if they had a bunch of overstock. I found a bunch today in Winners (Canadian equivalent of TJMaxx). Much to my astonishment, there was also a rather large assortment of Smashbox and Stila stuff! Quite a few lipglosses, cream blushes and cream eyeliners from Smashbox, some Stila lipliners and a bunch of the Stila trio refill. There wasn't a huge colour selection (lots of green and purple, which I love), but if you're not picky about colour, the prices were about 60-75% off retail. I even spied a single Diorshow lipgloss! If these discount retailers are going to start carrying these types of brands more often, my wallet is going to need some serious help.

  2. Damn, I never saw anything like that at Winners. Not even at the chichi one in downtown Toronto - though I think Beauty Reductionista has mentioned finding Clarins and Dior stuff at Winners. Nice.


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