Friday, May 31, 2013

Aerie underwear is the best underwear (7 pairs for $26.50) (UPDATED)

ETA: I'm finding that the 20% code won't combine with the 7 pair promotion. Sorry, the original announcement of the sale I saw said it included marked-down items, but the underwear must be an exception. All the stuff about the underwear being the best still stands, though . . .

Here's a link to all the 7 for $26.50 underwear. I have the solid and lace boybriefs and the boy shorts, and they are all really cute and good quality. They've been going strong for almost a year now. Plus they are the most comfortable underwear I have ever owned, and I am really picky (especially about things riding up my ass - these don't).

Use code 22039351 for 20% off everything else from AE and Aerie until June 2. 

If you have a Shoprunner account (invite link), you can also get free 2-day shipping (works at,, and Petsmart, too).

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