Monday, March 11, 2013

NYX cosmetics are on HauteLook today

There are a lot of cool sets and palettes for up to 50% off. I can't tell if it's 50% the usual price, or 50% off the "actual value", which is usually kind of inflated. Still, if you've been wanting to try something from this brand, here it is for cheaper than usual.

Their matte lipsticks are very popular with people who like matte lipsticks, and there are sets of 4 for $15. For $15.50 there's a nice nude/pink lipstick set with 6 items, including one of the soft matte lip creams. If you like matte lips, those are especially cool. I keep meaning to review the one I have, and forgetting. There's a set of 4 different types of black eyeliner for $13.50. I'm also really tempted by the set of three primers, but I'm not going to recommend it, because I haven't tried them. I am going to go google some reviews, though . . .

You'll need a HauteLook account to browse, so here is my invite link, in case you haven't signed up yet.

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