Sunday, March 24, 2013

Look French for $25 or less

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Everything with stripes on it is French, right? Like, either they are dressing like mimes over there or in stripes. Or both. That is what I have been led to believe. Can't be wrong.

But even if I am, I did get this dress in the black and white last week, and it's really cute. Even better than it looks in the photo, I think. At the moment, the black and white is $25 (limited sizes left) and the brown is $22.50 (with all the sizes left). I had a really hard time deciding, and I don't think you are missing out on anything by going with the brown. I kind of want it too. 

Be warned that this is not a stretchy fabric, and it's one that will wrinkle a little. But whatever, you are French and tres chic and je ne sais quoi else. Fuck a couple of wrinkles. That also means it won't pill like cheap jersey tends to do. It has a hidden zipper on the back, which is one of my most hated designs, because those fucking things always get stuck when they have to cross a seam. But this one isn't so bad - you can actually zip it partway in front and then turn it around, and you're fine. These are all the possibly annoying things about this dress that I can think of, okay? It's like 97% awesome.

I just thought I'd share, since I actually have this dress and can vouch for it being both cheap and cute.

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