Friday, February 22, 2013

LORAC makeup is on HauteLook today

There are some really good sets, from $12-28, of lipgloss, eyeliner, and/or eyeshadow. It seems like you get good deal of stuff in each set. I've tried a few LORAC products, including the baked eyeshadow. The "Rockstar" trio is on sale here for $5, down from $26, but I have only used the "Movie Star" trio, which is great. It's too bad that their eyeshadow primer isn't included! It's fucking awesome stuff.

Anyway, I am going to google some of these things and see if there's anything I need ("need" ha), but I thought I'd let you know now, before things start selling out.

If you don't have an account, here's my invite link. As always, be warned that when you buy things from sites like HauteLook, they can take a long time to ship. You have to suffer to be cheaply beautiful, I guess.


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    1. My first thought was, "Oh shit, did I accidentally put some phishing link in there or something?" But I get it. Yes! I am just providing information. I am not responsible for how anyone chooses to use that information . . .


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