Tuesday, November 20, 2012

Fix Your Face: Beetle's Wing/Scarab/Gradient/Ombre Eyeshadow Look

Whatever you want to call it, it’s fucking awesome. AND EASY. And cheap, of course.

I already directed you to this video tutorial a while ago. If you didn’t look before, do it now. Do as I say. DO IT.

In the video they use all sort of expensive shit to do this. Fuck that. You can do it for cheap.
  • Instead of $25 Lorac eyelid primer, get the $1 e.l.f. shit.
  • Instead of $20 Laura Mercier eyeliner in Black Turquoise, get the $6-7 Milani liner in Blackened Teal. (Ignore the glitter on the other end - it’s crap. Don’t expect to get two products out of this, and you won’t be disappointed when only one is useful.)
  • Instead of $15 Mac Club eyeshadow, get the Wet N Wild Color Icon palette in Comfort Zone for $5, and get 7 other awesome shadows along with it. Use the bottom right shadow for this look.
  • Instead of $23 Givenchy black eyeliner pencil, use whatever black eyeliner pencil you want. Seriously. It makes no fucking difference.
Here are some photos of my results with this tutorial. I am not great at doing fancy makeup, but this looks SUPER fucking cool for how easy it is. The photos do not even do justice to the awesomeness of this eye makeup. The colors are much cooler (i.e. more fantastic) in person, but at the same time it’s not all whacked out and weird looking. It’s like a better smoky eye. I took photos with both my camera and my webcam, because I could not capture it. But here’s what I’ve got.

Just try it. You’ll see.

I’m not sure how this eye makeup would work on a darker skin tone, but I’m thinking it would be amazing. Has anyone tried it? Thoughts?

(I’m also wearing the Milani Brow Tint that I reviewed, and this is after a full 8 hours of wear. I still have eyebrows!)

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