Friday, November 20, 2015

ULTA "Cyber Fundays" deals + Sephora Black Friday preview

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If you're interested in this sort of thing, you've probably already come across this information. But just in case you haven't: ULTA has a bunch of deals today and tomorrow, which they say are better than what they will be offering on Cyber Monday. Some things are 50% off. Here is the full list. There's also a code there for $10 off $60 (303907), and shipping is free over $35.

Sephora has also listed the $10 deals they'll be offering on Black Friday. Nouveau Cheap posted the full list. I'm kind of interested in the Nest rollerballs, but I'm not going to make any special effort to get them. If they're still available when I have a chance to get online, I'll buy them. If the Formula X nail polish on the left side of that duo is Iconic, then it's definitely worth buying, because it's stunning. Here's a photo of it from my Instagram. You might also want to consider getting the $10 flash shipping subscription if you think you will be buying something from this sale and also ordering a couple more times from Sephora in the next year. You get 2-day shipping for a year - otherwise you'd spend $6 to ship a $10 set, which makes it less of a deal.

Anything look good to you?

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