Monday, June 18, 2018

Floating clown mouth: Review of Colourpop Lux Lipstick in Getty

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It's fun for me to see unconventional hair colors becoming more mainstream. If we have to experience all the terrible things predicted by dystopian fiction, it's a small consolation to also have people walking around with blue and green and purple hair. A very, very small consolation for those of us with the luxury of of being consoled. But despite the fact that every drugstore makeup brand sells blue and green and purple lipstick now, I still rarely see it on people's actual faces in the wild. How much you see it may depend on where you live, but I live in one of the biggest cities in the country, and it's still a rare sight. I'm hoping it'll become less remarkable before it goes out of style, just like it was still unusual to see shimmery blue nail polish in the mid-90s, but now no one bats an eye at it.

Despite my hopes and dreams, not all garish lipsticks are for everyone. Disregarding that truth, I impulsively bought Colourpop's Lux Lipstick in Getty soon after it appeared (well, as impulsive as it is to wait to see how Temptalia reviews it), even though I have a poor track record when it comes to actually wearing odd lipsticks in public. I bought it anyway, because teal is my favorite color--and because I work in museums and currently live in L.A., and it's called Getty. I don't remember ever buying something based on the name before, so it was a weird moment, I guess.

For $7, this is a pretty fantastic teal lipstick. In fact, it would be a fantastic lipstick at any price. It's smooth, pigmented, and comfortable. It feels hydrating. It wears surprisingly well for a green lipstick. If anything, my only minor complaint is with the packaging. While I think the design is stunning, especially the stars on the side of the lipstick bullet itself, in going for that "luxe" impression (not lux, which just means light in Latin), they've made the tube heavier and larger than a typical lipstick. It's made of metal, which explains the weight. But that combined with the size just make it that much more awkward to apply. Here it is compared to a Revlon tube, which is a standard size. The Lux Lipstick is both taller and bigger in diameter.

This is a minor quibble, but being positive all the time makes me queasy. The increased awkwardness is probably only a problem because with a dark, vibrant shade like Getty, precision is that much more important. Here's Getty applied from the bullet, blotted once, and then layered again. A little messy.

Fortunately I have an eyeliner in almost this exact color, so I was able to use that to clean up the edges and get a nicer shape. (Of course Ulta discontinued the shade I used, because it was perfect, but Urban Decay Mainline looks similar). If you're good with a lip brush, I'm sure that would work just as well.

Getty really is a gorgeous lipstick. It has a subtly glossy finish with just enough translucency to give it depth without being at all sheer. And it's a perfect teal, right in the middle of blue and green.

Unfortunately, it's just not my color. Unlike that evil blue lipstick I tried, which looked surprisingly flattering, Getty gives me what I would call floating clown lips (hence the title of the post). It's like someone drew a cartoon mouth and stuck it to my face.

I mean, I don't think it's hideous or anything. But it's not exactly harmonious. Or effortless. Maybe it could work with a more glam or elaborate overall look, but that's not really my style. (Also, this is the best facial expression I could muster? I've been having a bad selfie streak lately.)

Maybe this will just have to be a souvenir of my time in Los Angeles (and a warning against more green lipsticks). I still recommend it for anyone who thinks it might flatter them or who doesn't give a shit about flattery. It's a good lipstick. And teal!


  1. I have a similar color in their liquid matte formula and I've found that it only looks right when all my makeup is very heavy. It's one that I often use for a night out when I also wear red eyeshadow and a lot of blush. I kind of figure, well, green lipstick is a lot of look anyway, I might as well commit to that with the rest of my makeup. But, yeah, I see what you mean - maybe it looks a bit jarring because your colouring is not too high contrast overall? It's a really pretty colour, though!

    1. Usually I can get away with bold lipsticks (depending on the shade), but this is just off. I don't really ever do "full" looks, I guess, so maybe it's just not right for me!

  2. I don't think it lookls bad on you. You could try wearing it a little more faded, possible around the house and maybe you would get used to seeing it more often on yourself and then you wouldn't think it looks so scary. Or even try some kind of ombre effect? I know that means an extra step, but maybe you could end up loving the look! Also, not that I have any problem with your glasses, but since you do wear them a lot (possibly always) what about wearing a pair that could go with your lip colour? So that last suggestion means effort and money, but you could think about it the next time you buy some glasses maybe!

    1. Thanks! I do want new glasses at some point, so I might look into a different style that won't compete with other aspects of my look next time.

  3. Teal is one of those lipstick colors that I've wanted to try for years but just can't bring myself to buy. (The closest I've come is NYX Stone Fox.) I think it might look decent on me, but I KNOW I'd never wear it out of the house, and I'm trying to be stricter about not acquiring lipsticks I won't wear at least semi-regularly.

    I think part of the floating-clown-lips effect comes from the fact that the rest of your makeup is so light. It may seem counterintuitive, but I think Getty would look more natural with slightly heavier (but still neutral) makeup elsewhere.

  4. Good point. I actually have on a fair amount of eye makeup and blush in that photo, but the lip really overpowers it. I think chaosagram is right that it's also competing/clashing with my glasses, which aren't very . . . unconventional. I've seen people pull it off with "natural" makeup otherwise, and I was hoping to do that, but it's clearly not working!


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