Tuesday, April 25, 2017

Personal style continued: online consignment shopping

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In my quest to find interesting, quality clothes to update my wardrobe, without spending a ton of money, I've been looking into consignment stores. Unfortunately, there aren't any decent consignment shops in my area, but there are some interesting online options out there, like TheRealReal. I bought my mother a great House of Harlow sunburst necklace (like this) from them for Christmas. It was $25 dollars, like new, and it came packed beautifully in a velvet pouch, with very fast shipping. I get kind of overwhelmed shopping sites like these for myself, though, because there's just SO MUCH stuff, and I'm not experienced enough to know what is a good consignment price.

But they are offering 20% off right now with code REAL plus most things seemed to be marked down an additional 30-50%, so I guess now's the time, if ever. I'm especially interested in finding some more dresses and skirts, since I don't have many of those at the moment. I'm going to sort of live blog my browsing of the site here, so let's see how it goes.

I looked through the dress section first. Be warned that there are no real plus sizes on this site, though there are size 14s to be found here and there. This Carven dress for $65 looks ok, but maybe not? Would it do weird things to my midsection? Also, I hate cap sleeves, and these are pretty cappish.

I also found this Lisa Perry dress ($76), which is not in my size and definitely doesn't fit into the style I'm trying to explore, nor do I think it would be flattering on me. But I love it, so maybe one of you can buy it and send me a photo of yourself in it?

If you like Diane Von Furstenberg, TheRealReal will be a goldmine for you. I'm not feeling bright prints right now, however, so there aren't any DVF dresses that appeal to me right now.

The skirt section yielded better results.

Akris wool skirt for $76:

Pretty, but not very summery.

Doo.Ri draped asymmetrical skirt ($60):

I feel like this could easily go either way: really cute, or really weird.

Cacharel pleated skirt ($52):

I like the asymmetrical pleating, but I'm not sure about the shape. 

What? I really like tweed.

I didn't find a single top that I liked, unfortunately.

And I'm now tired and ready for a nap. I can't decide if I should actually buy any of these. I assume this is the kind of site where you kind of have to check every day or so to see what pops up, so maybe I'll get lucky yet. (This is why I keep going back to boring old J. Crew and the Gap.)

I know there are lots of other places to buy secondhand clothing online, the big ones being Etsy and Ebay, but I tend to get even more exhausted trying to find things that suit me on those sites. Do you ever shop for secondhand clothes online, or only in person? Any tips?


  1. I've bought quite a few pairs of shoes off TheRealReal with great luck. I find shoes easier to fit consistently than clothes, so I haven't tried any of those items, but I've always had great luck with them. I do wish they offered something like Shopbop or Sephora Flash where I could buy shipping for the year - $8 every time gets old.
    I've also had great luck with Poshmark for clothes when I have an idea of what I want.

    1. Oh, Poshmark! I forgot about that one too. I'll have to see what I can find. I have an odd shoe size, so it's sometimes hard to find new shoes that fit, much less secondhand shoes. I have had some luck in the past, though.


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