Saturday, February 4, 2017

New Before and After Photos using John Frieda Luxurious Volume 7-Day In Shower Treatment

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I've been spending my free time between work and cat nursing tying up some loose ends around here. I'd always hated the photos I used in my review of the John Frieda Luxurious Volume 7-Day In Shower Treatment, which is a great product that I've been using for a couple of years now. Everything else in that review remains the same, except that in addition to having fine hair, I feel like my hair has got  bit thinner lately as well. I've updated the photos in the original post, but I'll include them here as well. I used the same products for both photos, and styled them the same way (partially air dried and then blow dried with a round brush). The volume in the after photo isn't major drama, but my hair is definitely fuller. I like this stuff a lot. Check out the original post for full details.




  1. I bought this for my mom on your recommendation! Question though, so I can help her decide when and when not to use it: I can't remember if you color your hair - if you do, do you find that it pulls the color out? She's afraid to try it until her dye is old (but not too old, because this stuff might interfere with her dye setting when she needs to redo it).
    [I wish I could convince her to stop coloring her hair, but I understand - my dad is a bit younger and baby-faced despite the white mustache, so she feels like she needs to keep in sync with him. And she doesn't like the color of her grays - she covets my silver ones. But still, if she could adjust I think she'd be happier with her hair. OK end editorial side-rant.]

    So, thoughts?

    1. Hmmmm. Well, I've definitely used it several times on dyed hair. But I don't have many grays, so I don't know if it causes problems with the dye over those. I didn't notice any unusual fading, personally, but I probably am not especially sensitive to that, since I just dye my own hair anyway. Maybe she could test it on a small patch at the back somewhere and see what happens?


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