Wednesday, November 23, 2016

"Free" makeup from Macy's

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I don't plan to post a whole lot of Black Friday sales, because there are a ton of other resources for that, but if I come across something special, I'll let you know. Like this:

Macy's had free shipping/returns on all beauty purchases. And if you choose "no hurry shipping" at checkout, you get a $10 credit. You can do this on an order that is $10 or less, so you basically make your money back (and maybe then some). I'm not sure if the no hurry shipping works on anything other than the Black Friday specials (I tried a regular NYX Matte lipstick and it didn't show up, but it did show up with the set of three). In addition to NYX sets for about $8, there are some Burt's Bees, mini MACs, Anastasia Beverly Hills, and EsteƩ Lauder products under $10. You have to wait until Nov. 30 to use the credit and it expires Dec. 15.

(I have this NYX Butter Gloss set, and all the colors are really nice, in case you're wondering. I should probably review them one of these days.)

If you manage to get the credit on something not from the Black Friday section, let me know, and I will update the post!

ETA: I forgot to mention that you can also get 12% back from Ebates right now for Macy's.

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