Tuesday, August 30, 2016

Sephora has some good sales right now

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I'm trying to save my money, so I am just going to do some fantasy shopping and inflict it on anyone who cares to read about it. The sale section on Sephora's website is full of things I'd like to try if I gave myself free rein. Of course, even in my fantasy, I only pick out things that have great reviews and are a good deal/significantly marked down.

The Urban Decay Electric palette is on sale for 50% off at $24. I've heard lots of people who use bright eyeshadows say that this palette is one of their favorites. I don't wear bright shadows often, but maybe I should? The indigo and teal shades definitely speak to me.

Urban Decay Electric palette $24
From Urban Decay, they also have the Spectrum palette marked down to $29 for a mix of brights and neutrals that might be more versatile. And the excellent Primer Potion in the discontinued packaging is only $10.

Other interesting looking palettes with a significant mark-down are the Bareminerals Neutral Attraction palette ($29) and Make Up Forever Artist Palette V. 2 ($34).

The mini sets of Kat Von D Studded Kiss lipsticks and Formula X nail polishes (that I heard about from Auxiliary Beauty) are on sale for $7.50 a set, or you can get 3 of each for $14.75. I haven't tried anything from KVD, actually, but I've liked all the Formula X polishes I've used.

Studded X set $14.75

Speaking of Formula X, a whole bunch of the polishes are marked down to $5 a bottle, which is a great price. There are some really interesting and unusual nail polishes in that line.

Formula X Capricious

A lot of Tarte stuff is also on sale, including the LipSurgence Lip Tints (which are horrendously overpriced at their full price but otherwise nice) for $12 and the Cheek Stains for $16.

If you tend to place more than two online orders from Sephora per year, it's really worth it to buy the $10 flash shipping for a year. Also, I think it saves me a little money because I don't become obsessed with adding random shit to my cart to meet the free shipping minimum of $50. Although I have to admit that I usually try to get to $25 in order to get one of the GWPs from the specials page (you can find these right at the bottom of the site on the right side at the Weekly Specials link), if there's anything interesting there.

So I've added a bunch of this stuff to my cart, and now my plan is to ignore it until: (a) I get bored with these things and don't want them anymore; (b) I have more room in my budget for makeup shopping; or (c) they all sell out. I'm guessing that (c) is the most likely to happen first.

How about you? Anything look good? Is that Electric palette really as much fun as I've heard?


  1. I really love the electric palette. I also have the sleek acid palette, which was touted as an almost-dupe, and it's pretty close, but not quite as good. I have the spectrum palette as well, which is probably more versatile, but every shadow is a shimmer. However, they're very nice, and match several liners I have, which is handy for setting them (24/7 liners tend to smudge a bit on me).

    1. Ooh, that is helpful, thank you. Though probably not what I needed to know!

  2. I bought the UD Spectrum palette! Really excited for it to arrive, since I'm building back my makeup collection after a long hiatus and basically didn't have any colors.

  3. I am so tempted by that set of three KVD lipsticks/Formula X nail polish. I'm saving up for the OPI DC collection though, so I'm not allowed to make any nail polish purchases and I'm trying to GET RID of lipsticks not add more to the collection. UGH.

    I have the electric palette. I really like it, it's lovely and the colors are fun and they're all really nicely formulated. However, I don't use it a lot because it intimidates me. Though I find that if I stick to just one of the colors and use another, more neutral, palette then it is surprisingly wearable. I mean, if having Barbie pink eyeshadow is considered wearable. I think if you want to have a fun, colorful palette it's not a bad one to get. Actually, this is reminding me how long it's been since I've done anything with it, and how much I kind of miss it.

    1. That's a good point. I would probably only use one shade at a time too, and probably not all of them, so it might be better to just buy a couple of good, bright singles if I feel like I need something colorful!

  4. I love browsing the Sephora sale section too.. and wait and wait and wait until it's not available or I convince myself not to get it!
    I kind of want that pineapple print train case that's marked down from $119 to $49. it might be cool to have all my stuff in one spot, but then, I don't have space in my cramped bathroom to even set the case down on when I opened it (except the closed toilet seat I suppose) and I don't ever carry my entire stash anywhere. but still. pineapples! on sale!

    1. Oh, interesting--I tend to kind of ignore the storage/bags they have, because I don't have a lot of space either. But that sounds really cute!

  5. I use my spectrum palette all the time! But as someone already stated, I usually use one or two of the brights and mix them with more neutral shades from another palette.


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