Saturday, July 23, 2016

What beauty companies own what other beauty companies (from Defining Delphine)

In case you've wondered what big companies own what beauty brands, here's a helpful post laying it all out. Then you can shop who you want to shop or avoid who you want to avoid or identify formulas that are identical between brands (though don't forget that unaffiliated companies can use the same factories to product certain products!).

Something new to add to the list: L'Oreal just bought IT Cosmetics.


  1. Ooh. Some things i didnt know, like nars and bareminerals being under shiseido. Mindblown.

    Although, being an Armani lasting silk devotee, i am not sure that there is a drugstore or any other brand equivalent. Or maybe I'm swayed, idk :)

    1. I didn't know about Shiseido, either. And Actually they just bought Laura Mercier last month too.

      I don't think there is an cheap exact dupe for every high end product, but I've yet to find a high end product that I couldn't replace with something equally good at a lower price, if that makes sense. But maybe I need to try Lasting Silk!

  2. I remember when Project Swatch was trying to compile the master list of all master lists! Interesting perspective from the blogger. Her post needs a Unilever update though, because they've been on a buying spree this past year (REN, Kate Somerville, and some more I can't remember.)

  3. Oh that's right! I think I probably linked to that once too. Yes, the more I think of it, there seem to be a ton of other recent acquisitions. Soon we will all be owned by L'Oreal.


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