Saturday, June 18, 2016

Select MAC lipsticks 30% off ($11.90) from Nordstrom

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I don't think I've heard of any of the MAC shades that are on sale, have you? Any of them good? It's a decent price (30% off), and you can also add 3 free samples at this link (La Mer, MAC, Dior, etc.). Plus you can get 6% cash back from Ebates, and Nordstrom always has free shipping and free returns, so overall, pretty enticing.

I would really like to post something more substantial than all these sale notices, but it seems like I only have 5 minutes at the time to blog lately. Maybe tomorrow. I HAVE IMPORTANT THINGS TO TELL YOU ABOUT MOISTURIZER.

ETA: Poppy alerted me to the fact that the lipstick isn't the only MAC thing that's 30%. Scroll around!


  1. I'm all ears!

    Don't know about the MAC lipstick, but might pick up some Prep and Prime spray.

    1. Ha, you know what, I actually got distracted by the lipstick and failed to notice that a bunch of other MAC stuff was also 30% off. Thank you! I need a nap!

  2. Most or all of these are limited-edition lipsticks from past collections. I actually thought about buying Black Night (not to be confused with Black Knight) last year: it's a sheer black with gold and red pearl. Super pretty. But I'm not in the country, so meh.


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