Monday, March 7, 2016


It feels a little weird to me to think of myself or a collection of my thoughts (i.e. this blog) as a brand. But I live in this world and so I guess I have to speak the language. I've been thinking of giving my blog a new name for over a year now, but I was kind of attached to the old one (and, let's face it, too lazy alternating with too busy to change it). But I've decided to go ahead and rebrand for a few of reasons, namely:
  1. The previous title didn't reflect that this has been primarily a beauty blog since partway through the first year. I do occasionally post about other things, but it's obviously 95% or more makeup and skincare.
  2. Although one of the my main topics is affordable beauty products, it's not so much about what's cheap as what's worthwhile. What has some value, however that's defined. There are plenty of other blogs that hype all the newest drugstore makeup. OMG YOU NEED TO BUY THIS. That's fine, but I don't need everything, regardless of price, and I'm not going to tell you that you do either. I've also felt hesitant to blog about more expensive stuff in the past, because it didn't technically fit the theme. I mean, I'm not going to start raving about Dior lipsticks here, but it's less about cheapness, exactly, than about being thoughtful about what I buy.
  3. I just got kind of bored with the old blog name.
  4. I like the way the "bru" and the "beau" sound together.
This new title is not designed as a way for me to pat myself on the back, but, since I am apparently beholden to my blog's name, it will remind me of what my goal here is. I'm not planning to change the content. I've just changed the title to better suit what I'm already writing. I hope you'll keep reading, even though I'm no longer yelling FUCK at you from the top of the screen. I'll still say fuck to you at regular intervals in my posts, I promise. (Though I think some people consider "cheap" to be more of a four-letter-word than "fuck.")

So that's more than enough explanation, I'm sure. I'm going to work on changing the names on my various social media accounts (you won't have to follow anything new, though), but I'm not going to change the URL here, at least for the time being. That's more work than I have the time to undertake at the moment. I'd rather focus on posting more frequently.


  1. I'll miss CheapAF, but I like that you're brutally honest about being brutally honest.

  2. Aww and I just found this blog! I liked the old name, but I'm still going to check your blog as always :) ps, I do like the new name too!

  3. Always enjoyed the 'fuck' part of your blog name but I like the rebrand!

    1. That's the part I was attached to too, but "reasonable as fuck" or "fuck beauty" just don't work as well. Plus, this way I guess more people can read it at work. Always in favor of enabling procrastination!

    2. Hahaha I actually love "reasonable as fuck."

    3. I don't even want to know what comes up if you google "fuck beauty."

      Hurray for BHB!

  4. I liked the old name, but I can see how the new name fits your content better.

  5. I like the new name as much as the old! Though "Reasonable as Fuck" would have been pretty amazing, haha.

  6. I agree with "reasonable as fuck" because that's totally the kind of thing I would say, but I think the new name flows better than that :)


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