Wednesday, February 17, 2016

Addendum to hyaluronic acid

Here is a quick note to add something important to my recent post on hyaluronic acid. (This is what happens when you try to write something at the tail end of bad cold.) I mainly said there that I like HA because it makes my skin feel nice and has potential for long term effects. True. But I forgot to add one of the immediate results it provides that I love. HA does an excellent job of combatting flakiness from dry skin or from products that cause it, such as the peeling you can get when you start using a powerful retinol product. Regular moisturizer never really cuts it for me under these conditions, but if I use something with HA after over-exfoliating or overdoing the retinol, it diminishes the flakiness significantly. Enough that I can wear foundation without weirdness caused by my makeup highlighting dryness. So that is something to consider as a more concrete benefit of HA.


  1. I'm about to try Retinol for the first time so this is a great tip. I commented on your first post on HA and now this one because it so freakingly (word?) relevant to my skin care research right now!!! Good timing with these posts! Any suggestions for a gentle Retinol serum/cream to use?

    1. I've only used retinol from Paula's Choice so far. The one I linked here (1%) isn't exactly gentle, but it is effective. I didn't notice any results using their other retinol products though. I hope you find something that works for you!


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