Sunday, November 29, 2015

(SOLD OUT) Target women's beauty box $10 for 10 mostly full-size items

Disclosure: Affiliate links.
The box includes Cover Girl lipstick, Maybelline mascara, Hair Food dry shampoo, etc. $50 value. Free shipping and you can use code SHINE for an extra 10% off beauty items, including this box.

There's also a men's box for $5 that contains $15 worth of products.

Are you going to get this one? I think I'm going to skip it, because there's no single thing that I really want, though the value is good.


  1. Ehh, I'm only mildly interested in 3 of the things, and that's less than half the box, so I'm going to keep avoiding Target. :)

  2. I picked up one. I'm into the eye cream and dry shampoo and the other items are mildly interesting. I can swap the other items.

  3. When I clicked on link it took me to Target where there was a notice: no longer available in store or online. Maybe next time...

    1. Sorry! They sell out so quickly. Thanks for letting me know.


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