Tuesday, November 24, 2015

Free shipping on all orders from e.l.f. (no minimum, no code needed)

(I'm not going to post all the Black Friday/Cyber Monday deals, because there are lots of sources for that information out there. For example, here's Nouveau Cheap's very helpful roundup. I also feel a little weird about encouraging the shopping circus. Not that you can't decide for yourself what to do with your money. But if I see anything that looks particularly interesting and I have time to post it, I will. Like this.)

Free shipping goes until Nov. 26. If you spend $25+ and use the code MAJOR, you also get a free 7-piece set that contains my favorite e.l.f mascara (reviewed here) and their excellent blush brush, among other things.

You can see what else is good (or terrible) in the reviews under my e.l.f. tag.

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